For many years I have studied management and leadership principles. During this time, I have come to know that most individuals that we deem 'succesfu' attribute  at least part of their success to their values, principles and philosophy.

People that appear to truly enjoy what they do, have simply found the balance that we all seek. Their life is one that allows them to move between 'work' and 'play' at will. This ability to flex  is what we all seek and so few can actually find and implement.

Elsewhere in this website, you can read all about The Toolbox; a kit that enables individuals to examine their standing in life. It also offers suggestions for individual change and growth.

As for my personal standing:

Family - I strongly believe that we are here to belong                                   

Beauty -  in nature, children, space, music

Justice - where right overcomes wrong or evil

Knowledge - for with it comes power; without it - fear                                             

I HOLD ON TO THESE PRINCIPLES:                                                                           

You reap what you sow

We are here to attain 'completeness' or to become 'whole'

We are all here for a specific purpose

All of us are 'one' - everything we do as individuals has an effect on all

MY PHILOSOPHY                                                                                                           Why am I here?

I believe that I am here to attain wholeness. To gain skills and apply talents that will allow me to attain said wholeness. I will know that I have arrived when I am able to flex between talent or skill to accommodate the situation or problem before me. This wholeness also allows for the growth of my relationships. By being 'at center' I can easily arrive at the proper empathy, sympathy, compassion, analysis, or action that can result in the best result toward the relationship.

I also believe in Responsibility. The ability to respond within my values and principles to situations and problems. It is MY responsibility to act appropriately toward the situations and problems that I encounter. In relationships, I must act responsibly even when the other person is not. It is not MY responsibility as to THEIR actions, only to mine.  

Please provide feedback as to your thoughts in these themes. I truly care what you think and believe!                                        

 Thinking Man


"The unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates