Knowing Your Customer

 Angels, Demons, Kings and Queens


Customers Simplified

While customers come in many shapes and sizes, all of them can be simplified by this one definition:

Every customer is exactly the same IF you know WHO your customer is and what THEIR expectations are of your department, company, product or service.

Knowing WHO your customer is - The customer is he/she who is directly affected by the products or services you provide. If I sell widgets, my customer is he/she that needs or wants the widgets. At the same time, I am the customer to my widget distributor. The distributor is the customer to the delivery company that brings me the widgets and ultimately the delivery company is the customer to the manufacturing plant that makes sure that the widgets are available to be delivered. Usually, we call this the selling cycle.  

So, if the salesperson is a customer of the Distribution Center and it is a customer of the Delivery Company, etc., then it becomes obvious that each player in the cycle is also a vendor (with the exception of The Customer). The manufacturer is a vendor -or provider - to the delivery company. It is a vendor to the Distributor which in turn is a vendor to each successive customer in the cycle.

Knowing your responsibilities as a vendor is also essential to providing the best Customer Service to those who are your customers and customers of your customers.

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