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Already March. I just gave up one hour of sleep thanks to the Daylight Savings Time program instituted by our wonderful US Government. Like we farm anymore... I do like the fact that it is light out a bit longer. I guess I'll have to start working on the garden since I don't have a farm...

Rosario and I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time ever! We went to the park at the south end of the bridge only to find out that they are rebuilding and remodeling... So we decided to walk across. It takes about 45 minutes each way since you have to stop along the way and take pictures. I highly recommend it.

A few yards into our walk, Rosario asked me "So, do you want to be in the news?" to which I quickly replied "So, you want me to push you over the rail?" We laughed together.

As you walk on the concrete sidewalk that runs the length of the bridge, I felt that I was on solid ground... until I leaned on the rail to look at the sea, below. The rail was vibrating quite fast. To think that the whole bridge is doing that constantly! A mini earthquake every second!

We made it to the Marin side, took some pictures and headed back. Later we met up with Christy, Brad and Braden. We had lunch and then spent a couple of hours at the Palace of Fine Arts where Braden made the most of it. He walked the length of the pond that adorns the grounds. He saw ducks and seagulls and swans and flowers and... a popsicle vendor!

As we were heading back toward the car, we also witnessed the Annual Naked Bike Ride. A group of about 25 naked bike riders. Men and Women. Naked. Riding their bikes to protest our misuse of energy (fossil fuels). Quite a show. All this at the same time that a bride and groom were being photographed on this beautiful park. What a memory for them...

The fog started to roll-in. We made it back to the bridge for a few more photographs and then headed home to sunny skies and warmer temperatures. 

It was good seeing Braden. It is always good seeing Braden.