It seems like yesterday. 

One year has gone by since the birth of our grandson, Braden. Just a couple of weeks ago we celebrated his birthday in a 'Little-man' themed party. All guests wore bow ties and the little guy performed on-cue the whole afternoon.

Braden is a very smart little guy. He smiles for the camera, claps his hands to acknowledge delight and cries only when he is hungry... Other than that, he is a perfect little boy.

A big piñata was constructed by Abuelita. All the kids took turns and even Braden, who has never seen one struck, held the stick like a pro and took a couple of swings. The last bounced off the piñata and that was the end of that.

Then came cake-time. Braden sat in his high chair and clapped as mommy walked the cake toward him and every guest sang Happy Birthday. A couple of daycare buddies, Lizzie, Ellie and Monica helped blow out the candle.

At last, Braden was to open presents. He, mommy and daddy sat at the couch. Mommy read the cards while daddy and birthday boy tore into the wrapped gifts. Braden was not very impressed with most of them, but a helicopter did catch his eye. He focused most of his attention on this flying machine.

Soon after that, the party ended and all the guests were gone. Left behind was plenty of food, drink, crumpled present wraps and a broken piñata. It was time for the birthday boy to take a nap. Abuelo too.

Left behind was a year's worth of memories. Trips to Cabo and Apple Hill. Trips to Walnut Creek and Rohnet Park. Trips to the local school carnival and Bishop's farm. All captured in digital photographs to remind all of us for years to come that this was a great year. Mostly because Braden made it so.

Braden and the over 2000 photographs of him.