Benefits and Risks

You reap what you sow


The benefits of providing expected levels of service or surpassing the expectation are simply that the business will thrive. Satisfied customers may not share their experiences at the same rate as those who are unsatisfied, but they do share their positive experiences!

A business that is succesful in meeting or exceeding expectations, will surely enjoy the benefits of referrals, word-of-mouth advertising, more time creating sales instead of dealing with unsatisfied customers, among others.

Failure to deliver or exceed expectations comes with risks that manifest themselves in unhappy employees, competition focusing on the 'weakness', vendors losing faith in the ability of the business, etc.

Critical to the success of meeting or exceeding customer's expectations is the need to understand the following:

UNDERSTAND the concept of customer service and the difference between meeting and exceeding expectations.

KNOW who your customer is. Know what their expectations are.

SURPASS the expectation as often as possible.

ASK customers for feedback. Listen and understand the feedback.

DEAL with unsatisfied customers. They are giving you the opportunity to make it right...this time.