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Easily could have been named "2012" Knowing is close to what could happen on 12.21.12.

"Knowing" (PG-13, 110 minutes): After a 50-year-old time capsule is opened at an elementary school, John Koestler (Nicolas Cage) comes across a list of numbers that somehow seems to have predicted — down to the precise date and location — every major disaster of the last half-century, plus a few that haven't happened yet. His problems — alcohol abuse, the recent death of his wife — make him sound unhinged when he tries to warn people of the coming apocalypse.

Yes, the film is creepy, but the narrative corner into which this movie, directed by Alex Proyas ("I, Robot"), paints itself is a simultaneously silly and morbidly depressing one. "Knowing" contains disturbing scenes of carnage and brief vulgar language.

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