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It's May already!

Another school year is coming to an end. This means that Alyssa would have concluded her freshman year at Fullerton and Christy is  close to graduating. If all goes well, she will have her degree from Sac State by the end of the year!

It's already May! Time flies adn it seems like it's accelerating. I guess the older we get, our perception of time changes. It does seem to contract as life goes on...

Work goes well. Tucson is a 'small-town' market although there are over One Million people living in the metro area. As a team, we are working on local marketing efforts as a way to enhance the customers and sales that are brought in through traditional advertising.

Next week is Memorial Day Weekend. I have a randezvous with Rosario in LA. We are actually helping Alyssa move her belongings into a storage facility for the summer. In August, we help her move back into an apartment...A chance to spend some hours together. We may do Disnelyland...we may do the beach...we will see.

Getting back home is taking longer than expected. While manageable, it is starting to get old! Thanks to technology, we are able to stay in touch on a daily basis. Phone, email, facebook, you name it...It helps all of us to stay together while we are apart - by a 1000 miles!

Looking forward to it.