March 23, 2010

Spring is finally here. Today is Tuesday, March 23. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, the grass is starting to turn green and the sky is sunny and blue.

Obamacare or Health Reform legislation has finally passed. Some good stuff is the ability for children to continue in their parents' insurance until they are 26. Also, people with pre-exisiting conditions can no longer be denied insurance coverage. Take that, insurance companies!

The NCAA basketball tournament (March Madness) is especially maddening this year. Over 40% of all sports fans had selected KANSAS to win. OOOPPPPSSSS... they lost in the second round!

48, House, Caprica and Breaking Bad are very good shows to watch this season.  At the movies, Alice in Wonderland is getting all the viewers. They have been in 1st place three weeks in a row!

Baseball is just around the corner and Tiger is about to return to golf after a brief absence. He will apologize for his indiscretions for a while to come...

Life is good at 'The Willey' - this month I am currently 10th in sales only in my 5th month...

That is all for now...

Until next time!

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