October Alredy?

Looking at the clock, above, it sure is... So what's new?

Tucson is done! That is what's new... After one year of working for Pacific Sales, and listening to input from several sources, I have come to the decision to go home; to my wife, our kids and our way of life.

Being in Tucson wasn't all bad. I met new friends, I enjoyed managing the store and the employees who graced me with their trust and frindship. I re-connected with oldfriends in Pat Kofhal as well as Hal and Sue Personius. I enjoyed catholic mass with Mariachi music at St. Augustine; guitars and mexican songs at San Xavier del Bac and a great soprano at Sts. Peter and Paul.

I especially enjoyed our Basketball Wednesdays with Jose Aguirre. Thanks, Jose for letting this old man give it a go on the court. 

Things left undone in Tucson include buying a house, buying a helicopter (RC), attending a plane flying exhibition with John Linke, and crashing Rocky Point.

All these things in Tucson are awesome, but I look forward to being home with Rosario which, I think is a hell of a lot more awesome!

I wish my friends all the luck in the world! I hope that the graceof God shine upon you all and that He protect us all from our enemies and the evil that is always out there...

I will see you in facebook! Go Cowboys!

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