March 2010

Spring continues to announce its arrival. As I drive down Park Avenue towards work, the trees that line the avenue are in full blossom. I believe them to be decorative cherry trees. They are full of pink blossoms. On windy days, many of the petals fall off the flowers, creating a snow-like scene. As cars drive by, the turbulence created by them, moves the petals on the road in a way that they form waves and whirlpools of pink...

Today is just about a month before TAX DAY. Time to start gathering the paperwork. Remember to check your addition... and Good Luck!

Talking to a guy at work the other day, he provided some good input into a relationship with God. As individuals, we have rights and responsibilities. Some of them are:

* The right to be forgiven so ... repent, and ask to be forgiven.

* The right to happiness, provided that we live righteously.

* The right to talk to and be heard by God. 

* The same level of contact with God as any rich person, or government official, or church officer, or anyone else.

Our duty to God include:

* Talk to god as often as possible - daily is good.

* Love and care for your neighbor, your brothers and sisters.

Today is the Third Sunday of Lent.

Until next time!

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