It is Fabruary 2010. In the last four months, I started a new job - Sales at RC Willey, Rocklin, Ca. I also enjoyed spending Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year with my wife and - sometimes - with our daughters.

As I look out my window, I see flowers on the peach tree. The other night, Christy and I were snapping pictures of the plum tree in the back yard. It is in full bloom!

This means that the Spring season is just around the corner.

Speaking of "bloom", a company called Bloom Energy has been making news. They have unveiled a Fuel Cell electricity generating device that shows promise... A small cube (6" x 6") can produce enough electricity to power a home!

For now, they only make 'parking space' sized units. These have been used since about 2008 at Google, E-Bay, Walmart, etc...We should all be able to buy one in about 10 years!

Bac to Springtime. With spring also comes spring cleaning. Closets and garages - beware! The annual ritual is designed to get rid of anything that is old and useless... only to replace many of the same items with new and useless ones... By year's end, our closets and garages should be just as full as last week!

Anyway, if you live in the Sacramento area and ARE doing some spring cleaning, I can help you replace some of those old appliances, and home theater items. Look me up at RC Willey, or simply e-mail me with your needs.

Until next time!

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